• Tinnie fishing is legendary here. The Albert River is tidal and the Gulf is accessible from Burketown by boat. The Nicholson River is some 17 kilometres to the west and is fresh water and perennial.
  • Look for wildlife – The wetlands are breeding grounds for crocodiles, barramundi and prawns and a vast amount of bird species which are prolific during the summer months. The grasslands to the south are the habitat of a great array of wildlife including emus, kangaroos and birdlife.
  • Visit during September to November to see the world renowned Morning Glory Cloud. This unique phenomenon draws cloud surfing light aircraft and weather fans from around the world
  • Visit the Information Centre – previously the Burketown Post Office built in 1868 on the corner of Musgrave and Burke Streets.
  • Enjoy the local Swimming Pools – six in total
  • Check out the fascinating Hot Water Bore, drilled by the State Government by 1897 and still steaming
  • Tour nearby historic sites for a glimpse at the past. The Boiling Downs Works began production in 1867 and recently replanted Landsborough Tree site is a noteworthy relic of the 1860s. The grave of explorer Frederick Walker is at Leichhardt Crossing on Floraville Station
  • You can visit the Fish Restocking Facility when fingerlings are available


Beware of some locals

Burketown locals are pretty friendly, but you need to be aware that the Gulf of Carpentaria region harbours two species of crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus (“salty” – saltwater crocodile) and the relatively harmless freshwater variety. Spending too much time with a salty can be fatal, so don’t swim, camp or hang around water ways.